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  Following the school motto of “To be a proud Chinese” and adhering to the belief of “to nurture students into citizens with patriotism, international perspective and intercultural communication skills”, Beijing 21st Century International School has set its aim as “to build an international school favored by all students, perfected by ever-improving teachers, approved by all parents and recognized by the general public” to establish an education catering to our students’ future development. 

  Our school has integrated quality education resources both home and abroad, Integrating quality education resources both home and abroad, the school has made as its orientation “carrying forward the quintessence of Chinese culture, combining the advanced courses from China and America to cater for China’s high school students”。 We have created a complete curriculum featuring independent, diversified, comprehensive and selective courses and established an integrated system of “century courses” embracing national courses, international courses and school-based courses. With the complementary collaboration of a horizontal series of courses spanning the whole school life of children from elementary school all the way up to senior high school and a vertical line of “Twenty-Year Consistent Curricula”, the school has built a sophisticated network of courses with a view to fostering all-round students with each individual’s distinctive growth in mind.

  In daily teaching, we have formed an efficient system of small-sized classes with students voluntary selecting courses and attending classes correspondingly. Meanwhile, the tutorial system and process evaluation, our own school-based textbooks, colorful and diversified selective courses and various associations and extra-curricular activities have all presented extensive platforms for students’ individual growth and multi-dimensional development. Recent years has also pleasantly witnessed the fruits of our curriculum reforms and the splendor of our research and teaching. All the leaps and bounds, inscribed on the monument of the school history, have laid a solid foundation for our intention to establish a top international school of superb quality. 

  Today’s Beijing 21st International School has become healthy learning environment teeming with the fragrance of knowledge, a wonderland passing down the history of human civilization, a campus fostering critical and great minds as well as a family support system embracing the challenges of the future. Carrying forward its rich historical and cultural heritage and featuring advanced concepts, distinctive characteristics, quality faculty members, superior teaching methodology, efficient organization, promising prospects and outstanding achievements, it has now led the promotion of non-government international education to develop in a holistic and organic with higher efficiency.    

  We are convinced that with the support and rapport from all our alumni, international partnerships and friends of all walks of life, Beijing 21st Century International School,  will consistently make firm steps of forward progress and will become more brilliant with more mountains being conquered in its journey ahead. 

Executive Principal: Shengwu Fan