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Foreign Teachers’ Teambuilding Program——Harmony in Diversity


In the 21st CIS, we have an excellent team of foreign teachers, who come from different English-speaking countries. The collision between different cultures has brought students a broader international vision. For the Cultural Construction of Foreign Teachers, our school has been adhering to the concept of "harmony in diversity", exchanging different ideas in an atmosphere of respect, understanding, and tolerance, and seeking common ground while reserving differences.


Teambuilding Program——Harmony in Diversity

The school organizes foreign teachers' conferences with different themes each academic year. The purpose is to help foreign teachers in primary, junior, and high school find, analyze and solves problems in management and teaching.  Additionally to make the team more professional and efficient.  The administrative departments also do their best to provide warm services to ensure that foreign teachers have no concerns in daily life. The school also organizes a variety of team-building activities to promote communication and enhance team cohesion.



Foreign teachers' conferences with different themes






Different and interesting team-building activities

On March 17th, 2023, the theme of the Foreign Teachers Conference is "Enthusiastic, Professional, Energetic ". The epidemic gradually fades and with the arrival of spring in the new semester, our campus life is getting back on track. The conference is mainly divided into three parts: first, warmly welcome the new foreign teacher who joined us this academic year, many of whom came from different countries and different cities in China. Secondly, we entered the core part of the conference, a summary review based on the teaching diagnosis results from last semester, and share the focus of the new semester. Then, excellent teachers from each department share their teaching ideas and experience. Finally, Principal Fan commented on and summarized the content of the conference. He thanked the foreign teachers for their hard work and hoped that foreign teachers could have a more pleasant life and work in the 21st CIS and achieve more career growth.


Reviews of teaching diagnosis and plan of new semester


Experiences sharing of excellent teachers


Summary speech of Principal Fan

After the meeting, all the foreign teachers completed the "Nazca Giant Painting" project under the guidance of professional group builders. This project divided the outline of a complete painting into several areas and each group completed a piece of it. Through the cooperation within and between groups, each part stuck together to restore the whole picture of the painting. By doing this, the communication ability, collaboration ability, and time management abilities of the team have been enhanced. In the activity, the foreign teachers demonstrated high energy, efficient communication, patience, and careful drawing, leaving a beautiful painting on the playground.



Nazca Giant Painting

On March 18th, 2023, the school organized a group trip to Huairou Yanqi Lake Scenic Area to experience more diverse activities. Foreign teachers are free to choose CS or Cycling around the lake. In the CS, they were divided into two groups of team combat, a total of three battles, experienced (street fighting, offensive and defensive combat, and jungle combat). Along the cycling route, they arranged 2 group games, "Slow Ride" and "Pile Ride". In the early stage of ensuing fun, the awareness of competition and cooperation of participants is cultivated, and the ability of team layout is exercised. At the same time, the spirit of friendship and tolerance among foreign teachers can be seen, and the differences between individuals in physical fitness can be respected.






19-路上 单人领骑特写_副本.jpg


Having fun in CS or Cycling

After lunch, we went to the Yanqi Lake Park and enjoyed a group dragon boat tour to learn the history and significance of the construction of Yanqi Lake. It was free time after that; foreign teachers in groups of two or three went off to experience a variety of interesting entertainment projects, enhance understanding and promote friendship!



Yanqi Lake Park

No matter where you come from, join in the 21st CIS is family, we all have the 21st CIS soul! Harmony in Diversity, wonderful, grateful to have you!