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Wolf-like Fight Spring Journey—A Team Building Activity


Wolf-like Fight Spring Journey—A Team Building Activity

By Du lan, Translated by Guilin Tang and Nathaniel Xue

With the increasing growth of our foreign teacher team, our school plans different league-building activities each semester for foreign teachers in order to enhance team cohesion and provide the new teachers’ with intimate contact with existing teachers. The cracking spring seems to bring summer, seeing our league-building activities of foreign teachers in our school this semester. On that day, the weather favored us. There was a blue sky which was as good as our great mood and the sun was shining brightly with no cloud.

The first destination of this activity was situated at Red Base in Xiangshan Mountain. Our personnel were divided into two teams, the red team and blue team to promote the sense of teamwork. The two teams would have a real battle in this competition field.

The first battle was field operation. The two teams had an intensive battle in a simulative theater of operations with teammates’ covering each other and cooperative work. The foreign teacher, Peter, in primary school of blue team, got a good combat score of 18-kills with his teammates’ covering and help and was worthy of being a sharpshooter.

The second and third battle was war of annihilation. The two parties developed the strategy and implemented their schemes respectively showing a team cooperation spirit and a style both in resourcefulness and courage.

The last battle was a street battle. Although they had been in battle all morning, they were still in high spirits and constantly advanced the process of assault and held the defensive with the result of victory or defeat approaching at noon.

The blue team won the last victory with no failure.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch in this place with keen pleasure after the battles. The farm dishes and pizza stimulated the tired nerves and taste buds of everyone.

After the lunch, we drove forward to the second destination: Beijing Botanic Garden. We went on a team game in this botanic garden and had lots of fun.

Soon, the league-building activity for one day was approaching to the end. We went out of this botanic garden and got on the bus returning to school. We were feeling the beauty of nature and recollecting the pleasant flavor of the one-day fantastic journey all the time with the mottled shadows reflected in the window.

This spring journey with wonderful wolf-like fight had a perfect end. Our different departments were familiar with each other and worked together in this activity, which both promoted the sense of teamwork and expressed the foreign teachers’ focused and tough working condition. We were proud to have such excellent enthusiastic foreign teachers.