Chairman and Principal of School

Zhang Jieting, Chairman and Principal of School
Mr. Zhang Jieting, Member of the National Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Vice President of the National Private Education Friendship Association, Vice President of Beijing Federation of Industry & Commerce. He shows special preference to private education and insists on progressing education with industry. Further, he was warmly granted by state leaders several times. He was rated as the First Ten Outstanding Persons for Private Education in China and recipient of the World Outstanding Youth Entrepreneurship Award. Currently Mr. Zhang is the Chairman of Siwa Education Group, as well as Chairman and Principal of Beijing 21st Century International School.

Executive Principal of School

Fan ShengWu, Executive Principal of School
Mr. Fan Shengwu, a special-grade teacher in high school Chinese language with a bachelor’s degree and is a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC). He was the Deputy Principal of a key school in Shandong Province and was transferred to Beijing National Day School (BNDS) in 2008. He has won more than 30 titles of honor including Provincial Labor Model and Provincial Outstanding Teacher. Further, he has more than 20 articles published or awarded at the provincial level or above, presided over 4 national and provincial teaching research programs, and was involved in the process of editing 5 books. He was the advisor of first year of studying abroad preparation class in BNDS, and of that class 35 graduates have been enrolled into top 50 American universities, such as Columbia University. At present, he is the Executive Chairman of Beijing 21st Century International School.

School Introduction

Beijing 21st Century International School (originally Beijing 21st Century Experimental School) was established by Siwa Group in 1993. The school is the first full boarding school with a Policy Formulated by the Government, Capital Invested by Enterprises, and School Run by Experts in China. The school enjoys high popularity and reputation in Beijing and even nationwide. With its outstanding achievement, the school has gained wide recognition and universal praise from society year after yaer. The school is highly praised by state leaders, such as Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, and other notables.
The school possesses a comfortable layout, complete functionality, advanced equipment, rigorous management, prominent characteristics, and remarkable education and teaching achievements. It was rated as the Garden Type School in Beijing City, Excellent Electronic Education School in Beijing City, and also awarded titles involving School with the Best Influence in Beijing, The Best Recommendable Educational Institution, and a Representative of Private Schools of Supreme Operational Efficiency in Beijing.
In March 2010, the school signed a cooperative agreement on Sino-US Senior High School Courses Cooperation Program (Dual Certification of Sino-US Senior High School) with US Fairmont Private Schools (FPS) approved by Beijing Municipal Education Commission (BMEC). In April 2010, the school signed a cooperative agreement with BNDS as a famous model public school to ensure the introduction of high-end international education experience and one recruitment branch for experienced teachers. In April 2010, upon approval, the school became the first international school in Haidian District, Beijing. In April 2011, the school was approved to replace 6 Chinese graduation courses with courses organized by our school in Haidian District, Beijing.

Our partner

Our Partner ( I )-Beijing National Day School (BNDS)
BNDS, originally a school for children of the Central Military Committee, was established in 1952 with friendly care from Zhou Enlai, Luo Ronghuan and other influential leaders of the newly established People’s Republic of China (PRC). With the area of 156,000 square meters, 107 teaching classes and about 4,600 students, the school is a comprehensive high school which is comprised of the Junior High School and the Senior High School. The school has an excellent teaching faculty and advanced equipment, and wins high reputation in and outside Beijing. It was rewarded the Model High School in Beijing in 2004. Further, the school was rated as High School with the Best Influence in Beijing, High School with the Highest Satisfaction and the Most Competitive High School for Graduates.
Our Partner ( II )-US Fairmont Private Schools (FPS)
Located in Anaheim, California, US FPS was established in 1953. The school is a private school, which is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the National Independent Private Schools Association (NIPSA). The school issues senior high school diplomas. There are 6 campuses and about 4,000 students with the comprehensive system spans from kindergarten to senior high school. The school has a strict teaching standard and about 10% graduates are enrolled into Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, Colombia University, MIT and other prestigious universities, the remaining graduates are admitted to University of California system.

Primary School Department

There are 26 classes and more than 750 students in the Primary School Department. It is self-contained with advanced education concepts and conspicuous international education characteristics, and has constructed a set of quality-oriented education which is appropriate to physical and mental development of the children. The department has excellent teaching faculties with high diploma, title and quality, dedication spirit and innovation awareness.
Family-like boarding management system, scientific and delicious meals make it become the paradise of learning as well as living and the starting point of happiness for pupils.

( I )EP English
Our English education concept is to make full use of the speaking and writing chances to create the language input environment for students. Without the language Ocean, the students cannot gain Swimming Skills in the real sense.
The meaning of EP is elementary placement education, which is a self-developed primary English curriculum of our school. It emphasizes the smoothness and pleasure in English reading, and satisfies the desire of fulfillment of the children. The teaching material of EP is comprised of Listen and Learn, Read Aloud, Phonics, Reading and Guided Writing. All the five parts are linked with each other, spreading in the 6 levels.

( II )Subject Integration
Subject integration is an important concept proposed by the new curriculum, and is also the necessary requirement in the development of the curriculum. It provides broader and deeper development space for students in comparison with the closeness and isolation that is unique to traditional classified discipline. The key to subject integration is to select themes through cross-subject preparation, fix the binding point, form the growth point of the curriculum and eventually combine the curriculum and life, vitalizing a new life force to the primary curriculum.
(III)Interest Index
The core pursuit of primary discipline teaching is to develop every student’s love for learning! We put the students’ interest in the first place. Through our learning situation survey, questionnaire, talk survey, and classroom observation, the subject interest index is established as the first index of evaluating the teaching ability of teachers.
With the advanced educational concept, unique curriculum system, letting the children live in pleasure, health, joviality and happiness is our pursuit. Their tomorrow’s happiness starts from today.

Junior High School Department

There are 14 classes and more than 450 students in the Junior High School Department. During the past years, the department has been steady and well-structured, with advanced educational concept and strong bilingual teaching ability. All teachers emphasize that love arouses the students, disciplines restrict them, soul touches them, and knowledge leads them forward.
Based on the intensification of the teaching course management, our school cooperates with BNDS to set up experimental classes in junior high school. Many core teachers and subject leaders from BNDS now work in our school as teachers and class advisers, which boost the teaching and students’ qualities.

IP English Curriculum Class
We deliver IP English Curriculum, predominance high school entrance exam courses, and emphasize exploring the link between IP teaching and exam. This ensures that the students do well in testing and at the same time make progress in English practice.
AP Preparation Class of the American High School
We add AP preparation class, deliver high school entrance exam courses, bilingual courses, AP preparation courses and foreign-language-teaching enhancement courses, entering high-end international courses in advance, which lay a solid foundation for them to apply for Harvard University, Yale University and other top universities all over the world.
IP International English Curriculum in the Junior High School
The meaning of IP is intermediate placement education which is self-developed. The holistic goal is to gradually build English thinking, foster the ability of using English and skillfully achieve mastering English, which lay a solid foundation for them to study AP in Senior High School or enter domestic senior high schools to study.

International Department

In 2002, Siwa Education Group established the International Department, which is comprised of the International High School Department and the Foreign Students Department.
The International High School Department has 8 teaching classes and nearly 160 students. Through three-year systematic bilingual senior high school study, the department aims to foster junior high school graduates to fully enhance students’ command of English and logic thinking capability, preparing the students’ for the undergraduate study in foreign countries. With the management policy of Advance, Strictness, Meticulosity, Practicality and Accuracy, the department will cultivate the students to have a broad mind, the spirit of exploration, leadership, and a world-class global vision of “becoming a proud Chinese.”

Sino-US Senior High School Courses Cooperation Program
In March 2010, the school signed a cooperative agreement on Sino-US Senior High School Courses Cooperation Program (Dual Certification of Sino-US Senior High School) with US FPS approved by BMEC. The program is privileged to early admission of Beijing senior high schools. Students are required to study Sino-US senior high school courses. After completing studies and passing examinations, students have access to obtaining the graduation certifications issued by BMEC and FPS. This is the only Sino-Foreign cooperative education program in private schools approved by BMEC since 2005.
American High School AP Program
In 2006, AP courses opened by American College Board were introduced to the school. Students could choose AP courses according to their interest, ability and future development. The opening of AP courses provided the most effective guarantee and way for students who want to study in famous American universities. 
Tutoring for Foreign Students’ University Entrance Exam HSK Program
In 2006, the school got the certificate for recruiting foreign students. Then it opened Tutoring for Foreign Students’ University Entrance Exam and HSK Program, so that it can offer students an education platform for entering such top universities as Tsinghua and Peking universities.
Exchange Program
In 2011, the school cooperated with numerous renowned US senior high schools for exchange programs. We co-designed Summer Intensive English Programs with US public universities under University of California system, which provided convenience and methodology for students to overcome language barriers and know American education and culture.

Education & Teaching

The school pays much attention to the education and teaching links, and promotes the teaching level of the school through holding a series of classroom teaching contests. For example, Xihua Cup classroom teaching contest has become the well-known teaching brand of our school.
The school sets up the scholarship system, and gives commendation to students with excellent academic performance and high virtue. The categories of the scholarship are comprised of entrance scholarship, academic annual scholarship, and scholarship for excellence in the entrance exams.


The school has powerful faculties, and possesses a group of outstanding teachers composed mainly of native Beijing teachers of 40 years old on average, with high diploma, title, quality, new concept, dedication spirits and innovative consciousness. Further, English Language Institute/China places foreign teachers at the school.

Characteristic Curriculums

High-end International Education-EP, IP and AP English Curriculums
The EP, IP and AP English Curriculums are aimed at "using English as the mother tongue", with simultaneous English language courses alongside the American students of the same age. Primary EP Curriculum, Junior IP Curriculum and Senior AP Curriculum consist of a complete international school education system. It’s led by outstanding teachers and foreign language teachers with pure modern English, in a small classroom setting and one-to-one differentiated teaching. The brand-new international English teaching mode assists students in having a good command of English as well as Chinese languages from an early age.   
Superior Personal Care Curriculum
Many years after its establishment in 1994, the Personal Care Curriculum has become the core course of Beijing 21st Century International School. It emphasizes the combination of Chinese traditional culture and modern concept, in addiation to the integration of knowledge and behavior. On account of the “one-child” educational condition, this course puts forward an advanced education content. With the combination of the advantages of boarding system and the behavior course, it produces an obvious effect on the students since the beginning of their school life. The students in our school have cultivated in themselves the virtues of self-striving, self-independence, self-confidence and self-awareness. All are derived from the educational concept of “Respecting the Children”! 
"Open" Multicultural Education
The school pays great attention to students' individual development and special talents. Through years of accumulation, the school has formed its own multicultural education. The school opens various courses for students, including tennis, dancing, Chinese martial art, calligraphy, national studies, cognitive training, natural science and technology, computers, music and art, etc. Meanwhile, students can choose from more than 30 elective courses in their spare time, such as band, sports, chess, ballet, and aerobic fitness, etc. Also, the school has extra-curricular education in the main form of science lectures, scientific and technological production, and interest groups. Moreover, the school makes a special effort to include Chinese culture courses (lectures plus on-the-spot experience), so that foreign students in our school can learn more about Chinese culture.


The school actively carries out the foreign cooperation and exchanges, and establishes good cooperative relationships with numerous renowned educational institutions at home and abroad. In 2010, the school signed the cooperative agreements with US FPS and BNDS, and jointly enjoyed high quality educational resources. Moreover, the school builds extensive cooperation with English Language Institute, University of California–San Diego, University of California-Riverside, and Michigan State University, etc.
The school organizes plentiful cultural exchange activities, taking advantage of the holidays to organize the students to study abroad and invites the overseas students to visit the school, which make the students broaden their outlook through pleasant communications, easily learn pure English, experience foreign life, know the local culture, feel the foreign life education and cultural environment personally, and establish international friendship by association.

Campus Life

The school has advanced teaching facilities, classrooms, laboratories and various function rooms. Also, it has a thorough computer network and multimedia classrooms. The school is a full boarding school, employing scientific management of students’ dorms. Aside from the facilities such as 4 students in a dormitory, 24-hour supply of hot water, the school is equipped with air conditioning, heating, sanitation and other facilities. The school canteen implements nutritious meals to ensure that students’ meal are nourishing and safe. Moral Education Department manages the students’ daily life and recreational activities. Nutritionists arrange well-balanced meals, life guide teachers take care of students well-being, school doctors conduct disease prevention and health care on schedule, and security guards are on duty day and night. All of these create a new model of school teaching management and life service.

School Achievements

In the years’ of operation, the school has gained abundant achievements and received extensive praises from the society. The students participated in various competitions in the national, provincial, city and district levels and obtained striking results for several times. In recent years, the students attended various games and competitions of the district, city and country, and nearly a thousand students got the awards, especially in the aspect of English, the outstanding results have won for the school an excellent reputation and favors all over the city.
The Primary School Department attaches importance to the healthy development of the children, and provides a favorable learning and growing environment for the children. Every year a large number of excellent graduates successfully enter the famous key schools in Beijing City, involving 101 High School, The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, High School Attached to Capital Normal University, High School Affiliated to Beijing Institute of Technology, The High School Attached to Tsinghua University, BNDS and Beijing Bayi High School.
Recently the exam results in Grade 3 of junior high school ascend continuously and have ranked among the first in Haidian District. Many students entered the key senior high schools of the city with excellent results. Meanwhile, the English characteristic teaching gained significant achievements. The students who attended Achievement Leveling Testing System (ALTS) exam, known as Junior High School TOEFL exam in China, organized by ETS gained excellent results. Furthermore, some students directly entered US famous senior high schools with excellent academic performances and obtained high scholarship.
The International High School Department has cultivated a great deal of excellent students for several years. All the graduates in 2008-2010 have been enrolled into top 100 American universities, over half of them have been admitted to top 30 American universities, and over 40% of graduates have obtained scholarships issued by American universities. Graduate Hong Hanyang in 2009 was admitted to University of Southern California, St. John's University, and Lafayette College receiving a full scholarship. Huang Anqi won an annual scholarship of USD 16,000 from University of Denver for four years. Graduate Shi Yunfei in 2010 won a scholarship of USD 10,000 from University of Denver. Sun Ye was admitted to University of Washington.
The Foreign Students Department has two batches of senior high school graduates up to now. All the international students attending College Entrance Examination were enrolled into famous Chinese universities, such as TsinghuaUniversity, Peking University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University and University of International Business and Economics, etc.

School Awards

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