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1. Job vacancies

Department of primary school: 

Homeroom English teachers (all subjects + homeroom teacher)

Department of junior high school: 

English teacher, Mathematics teacher, Biology teacher, Physics teacher 

Department of senior high school: 

TOEFL teacher, IELTS teacher, Drama teacher, Debate teacher

2. Requirements

a.Loving education

b.Native speakers and received pronunciation

c.Bachelor degree or above

d.Minimum two years of EFL teaching experience preferably with TEFL certificate

e.Being able to keep office hours and participate in school’s teaching and club activities

3. Salaries and favorable treatment

a.Salary: 16000+ (RMB, before tax)

b.Apartment: free single-room apartments, all necessary fittings, free WIFI internet

c.Working meals: three meals a day (working days)

d.Air ticket subsidies available

e.Insurance: medical and accident insurance

f.Vacation: having official holidays (100% salaries in official holidays; 50% salaries in summer and winter holidays)

g.Professional training and team development: irregular team development and teacher training

4. Why choose us?

a.Clear career development prospects

b.Favorable treatment and salaries

c.Advanced educational conceptions (combinations of domestic and international educational resources and conceptions, and the forerunners in the educational field)

d.Perfect training system

e.Well-located and easy of access

5. Contact information:




6. Address:

Beijing 21st Century International School,

No.46, Enjizhuang, Haidian District, Beijing, China.